ABT Administrative Assistant


What you'll learn

Semester 1

ABTB 073 Financial Records

Provides a basic understanding of the accounting process for use in the business office. You will practise the application of basic accounting principles in a manual format. As well, you will learn and practise addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the use of the percentage key using a standard business calculator. Common business applications will be covered, as well as speed and accuracy drills.
2.5 CR / (5,0)

ABTE 074 Business Communications I

Effective communication is essential to successful family, social, and business relationships. Good communication skills can positively affect most aspects of our relationships with others. Participants in a business must not only acquire a thorough knowledge of their field, but also they must be effective communicators. All office personnel, including administrative assistants, managers, reservation clerks, accountants, executives, and computer operators must listen, speak, write, and read on their jobs; often these employees spend the majority of their working hours communicating with clients, suppliers, and coworkers. Traditionally, the highest communication standards have been expected of office personnel.
2.5 CR / (4,1)

ABTH 070 Human Relations

This course helps students develop an understanding of human relations, good self-esteem, teamwork skills, a customer focused attitude, an organizational effectiveness plan, and interpersonal communication skills. All jobs have a human relations responsibility. Accordingly, one must strive to develop interpersonal skills that will have a positive influence on relationships. This course explores strategies and techniques to positively influence an employee’s performance in an office position.
1 CR / (2,0)

ABTP 072 Office Procedures

This course introduces the student to a variety of office procedures including banking and financial management, planning meetings and conferences, postal services, reprographics, telephone and telecommunications, and travel arrangements. This course will also provide students with basic training in file management to meet the entry-level file management needs of a business. Students will learn to manage secretarial responsibilities professionally and exhibit a positive and co-operative attitude. Students will use critical thinking skills to analyze their projects in order to produce work of acceptable business quality.
1.5 CR / (2,1)

ABTW 043 Word Processing/Document Production Levels I, II, and III

This course combines a beginner and/or refresher course in basic keyboarding skills with an introduction to the basic document formatting functions of a word processing software program. In addition, the course will cover intermediate and advanced functions of a word processing software program and advanced formatting techniques. Throughout the course, the student will continue to develop speed and accuracy in keyboarding skills.

Prerequisites: Minimum keyboarding speed of 20 net words per minute.
5 CR / (0,10)

ABTW 073 Microcomputer Applications I

This course provides working-level computer literacy through extensive hands on experience with microcomputer applications, as well as in-class discussions of typical uses. The experience provides the confidence to make a comfortable adjustment to whatever computer tools are available in the workplace.
2.5 CR / (0,5)

Semester 2

ABTA 078 Computerized Bookkeeping

In the field of accounting, employers require a sound understanding of accounting principles, as well as general computer literacy skills. In this course, you will be taught to transfer manual bookkeeping skills to an automated accounting program. On completion of this course, you can maintain a set of computerized books up to yearend.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of ABTA 070 and ABTB 070 or ABTB 073
1.5 CR / (0,3)

ABTE 075 Business Communications II

This course is a continuation of ABTE 074. Emphasis is placed on applying the techniques of planning and organizing to writing a variety of communications, such as request letters, order letters, sales letters, memos, and e-mails. The application of oral communication skills to formal speeches and informal talks will form an important component of this course. In addition, job search skills such as designing a resumé, writing a letter of application, and participating in effective interviews will be acquired. Traditionally, the highest communication standards have been expected of office personnel.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ABTE 074 and keyboarding/word process-ing skills or equivalent as assessed by the ABT program committee.
2.5 CR / (1,4)

ABTP 078 Office Simulations in the Electronic Office

Using information from varied reference materials, the student will acquire and apply keyboarding, word processing, and business knowledge and skills to simulate office environments. This course polishes administrative skills and provides realistic office experiences. Skills developed will include editing, proofreading, composition, machine transcription, computational skills, etc. In addition, the student will gain experience working as part of a team.

Prerequisites: ABTB 073, ABTE 074, ABTH 070, ABTP 072, ABTW 043, ABTW 073
Prerequisites or Corequisites: ABTA 078, ABTE 075, ABTW 074, ABTW 078

3 CR / (0,6)

ABTV 072 Work Experience

As an integral part of the learning experience, practicum placement weaves together the various knowledge strands to which the student has been exposed. The practicum deepens the student’s understanding of classroom experience and is a bridge for the student between the academic present and the professional future. The practicum is a three-way partnership among the College, the student, and a host employer where practical experience is gained in an actual office environment.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: Successful completion of or current enrolment in, with a minimum grade of “C”, all courses in the Administrative Assistant certificate program.
3 CR / (0,6)

ABTW 074 Microcomputer Applications II

This advanced microcomputer applications course is designed to initially reinforce Windows environment features and to then provide the opportunity to learn the more advanced features of spreadsheet, database, and word processing programs. The course also includes instruction in using the object linking and embedding features of these programs and provides practice in researching data on the Internet for production of and inclusion in documents.

Prerequisites: ABTW 043, ABTW 073
2.5 CR / (0,5)

ABTW 078 Introduction to Desktop Publishing and Advanced Features of Word Processing

This is an introductory hands-on course designed to teach the student the advanced functions of word processing and the preparation of professional looking printed material. Such topics as publishing concepts and elements of page design, the production process of producing camera ready copy, and the basic design principles and production techniques of a variety of printed material are included.

Prerequisite: ABTW 043 or equivalent as assessed by the ABT program committee.
2.5 CR / (0,5)

ABT - Administrative Assistant Certificate

  • Credential: Certificate
  • Type: Full-time
  • Campus: Burns Lake, Mackenzie, Prince George, Vanderhoof, and Quesnel (on a rotating basis)
  • Fees: $4,505
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