Education Assistant Certificate

Admission Requirements

All applicants must provide a transcript or other official proof that they have completed English 12 (with a final grade of at least “C”), or equivalent. To download an admissions package, go to

Students have 10 years from the time of first registration to complete all of the course and practicum requirements for the Community Support Worker (CSW) Certificate and/or the Education Assistant (EA) Certificate.This policy applies to CNC courses and to all courses transferred from other post-secondary institutions for credit at CNC. Courses more than 10 years old may be considered for unassigned credit. Students should contact the Dean to discuss this option. (Please note that professional certification or accreditation bodies and receiving institutions may have different criteria.) For the complete policy, see Ten Year Timeline for Program Completion Policy #E-1.37 available on the CNC Policy web page.

New students are admitted to the program in one of four ways:

Path #1: Paid Paraprofessional

For students employed as para- professionals providing support services to persons with developmental disabilities.

  • Verification (such as a transcript) of English 12 or equivalent with a minimum “C” grade.
  • A letter from an employer (on agency letterhead) confirming employment.

Path #2: Volunteer Service Provider

For students volunteering service to people with developmental disabilities.

  • Verification (such as a transcript) of having English 12 or equivalent with a minimum “C” grade.
  • A CASS Volunteer Experience Record (available at completed by a supervisor, document- ing at least 65 hours of direct service in the past three years.

Path #3: Special Admission

For those who do not yet qualify for full admission into the program. Special Admission students can register for one semester in CASS 110 and/or CASS 120.

  • Verification (such as a transcript) of having completed English 12 or equivalent with a minimum “C” grade.
  • Special Admission students must complete 65 hours of relevant volunteer experience with an individual with a developmental disability during their first semester. To continue in the program, they must submit a Volunteer Experience Record (available at and apply for full admission

English 12 or equivalent: If you don’t have English 12 or equivalent with a minimum “C” grade, you must write an English test at CNC. It’s your responsibility to contact CNC’s Centre for Student Success (1-800-371-8111, ext. 5837) and arrange to write this test. If your results don’t meet the required level, you must upgrade before admission to the program.

Education Assistant

  • Type: Full or part-time (Online)
  • Campus: Prince George, Quesnel (rotating basis)
  • Fees: $345 - $355 per course
These fees are an estimate.