Admission requirements


Entrants to the Fine Arts program must meet the following requirements. The program admits a maximum of 20 students.

  1. Completion of grade 12 or equivalent (with English 12 or English 12: First Peoples)
  2. Submission of a student portfolio
  3. Submission of a typed personal statement (500–700 words) explaining why you want to enter the program.

Portfolio guidelines

Applicants who submit a qualifying portfolio before the deadline will receive priority admission to the program. However, applications will be accepted until the program is full or classes begin. Portfolios must consist of at least 10 and no more than 20 examples in several of the following: paintings, drawings, carvings, sculptures, crafts, digital art, photography, sketchbooks, videos or other types of art.

  • Meet the deadline. Portfolios must be either mailed or brought to the College by April 30. They can be dropped off at the office of Admissions during regular office hours.
  • Use only your own work. Artworks must be produced, drawn, designed or photographed by the applicant, unless the work was part of a collaboration with others. If applicants submit work that was part of a collaboration, they must clearly indicate what part they played in the process.
  • Include a variety of examples. Applicants are encouraged to use and explore a variety of media and images. However, animation, manga, or cartoon images are illustrative; they do not fall into the realm of fine arts and are therefore not acceptable.
  • Take photos. If pieces are larger than 20” x 26”, or are three-dimensional or fragile, send good quality photographs or slides rather than the original pieces.
  • Organize digital artwork. If digital work is submitted via CD-ROM or website URL, include information about the software, file format, and fonts. Include a printout of each work, labelled with its file name or its location on the website.
  • Label your work. All artworks in the portfolio must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, a unique identifying number, the date created, and the date submitted. Slides or CDs must also be labelled with the title of the work.
  • Include an index. The portfolio should include a list of all pieces submitted, including dimensions and materials used; for example: “Item #6, sculpture, mixed media, 2 x 3 m.”
  • Check postage requirements. If mailing a portfolio from outside Canada, applicants should note on the outside of the package, “Temporary Entry” and “Goods are to be Returned.” To avoid customs brokerage fees, the work should also be noted as having “No commercial value.”. Applicants are responsible for all postage and shipping costs, including return postage/shipping. Portfolios must include a self-addressed return label and sufficient postage, in Canadian funds, for return mail. Portfolios will not be returned COD.
  • You are responsible. Applicants should insure their pieces. CNC is not responsible for anything lost or damaged in shipping or storage. CNC takes every precaution to ensure that portfolios are handled carefully, but does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, materials submitted. Portfolios may be picked up from Admissions after the second week of June (during regular office hours).

Fine Arts

  • Credential: Certificate
  • Type: Full or part-time
  • Length: 1 year
  • Campus: Prince George
  • Fees: $2,974 (supplies extra)
These fees are an estimate.