University Transfer Courses

You can complete the first two years of your four-year degree right here at CNC. With lower tuition and smaller class sizes than any BC university, starting your post-secondary education at CNC will launch you on the path to success.

NEW! Access pathways

The pre-program access packages give you all the prerequisites needed for entrance into the program you want, plus some additional skills to enhance your future success. Completion of the package gives you a seamless transition into your desired program, improves your study skills and academic readiness, and, for some programs, may give you guaranteed admission and/or advanced standing.

Degree pathways

You can complete a two-year Associate's degree at CNC, which can transfer to a university as the first two years of your bachelor's degree. You could take up to twenty courses individually and they could transfer to your four-year degree.

How does it work?

All of our programs can transfer to other universities where you can continue your education beyond the two years offered at CNC. There are two methods of university credit transfer:

Block transfers

Many CNC programs have block transfer agreements with various institutions. This means that your completed certificate or diploma transfers as a whole to a university as your first year or first two years of your degree.


  • John completes the 1-year Fine Arts certificate program. He then transfers to the 2nd year of a 4-year design program at a university in the lower mainland.
  • Mary is a part-time student at CNC and has completed 60 credits of university-level courses and has fulfilled the requirements of the Arts associate degree. She uses this degree to transfer to the 3rd year of an English degree program at her chosen institution.
Individual credit transfers

All other programs offered at CNC have individual transfer potential; if your program does not have an official block transfer agreement with a university, the institution will assign you credit per applicable course.


  • Susan has taken 3 Anthropology courses and 6 English courses at CNC while she thinks about which undergraduate degree to take. She decides to apply to an Anthropology bachelor's degree program overseas. The institution compares the courses Susan has taken at CNC with their own courses in that program. The institution decides to give Susan credit for all 3 Anthropology courses and 2 English courses because they are similar enough to the courses in their own program.

For more information about transfer agreements, ask your instructors, or visit Academic Advising.

Individual courses

These courses can be taken either as electives for your certificate or diploma, or as part of your Associate's degree. Check the course timetable to see which university-level courses are being offered in the upcoming semester.

Some university-level courses are also available in the following subjects. Availability varies by campus, and preference may be given to full-time students.