Vision for a CNC Research Forest

By its nature the College of New Caledonia offers programs and courses that are relatively short term in nature that lead to immediately applicable outcomes.

Courses and activities are practical in nature and are responsive to community needs and interests while maintaining an underlying educational value. By extension it is expected that suitable research projects hosted by CNC will reflect the nature of a community college and will have the attributes listed above.

Therefore, partnerships will be formed to solve real world,applied problems in relatively short time periods. To determine a research focus will require the formation of a research board that will provide specific direction in consultation with Provincial departments, Federal natural resource agencies, First Nations organizations, research institutes, and local/provincial forest industry organizations.

The mandate of CNC Research Forest

  • to provide a foundational land base for conducting applied research;
  • to provide a foundational land base for conducting intensive silviculture research activities with specific aims to explore or determine the economic, environmental and social benefits/costs of such treatments;
  • to provide opportunities for First Nations to utilize the research forest land base for pertinent research projects that contribute to a better understanding of social, economic or environmental factors important to First Nations and undertake or participate in such activities;
  • to link with provincial, federal and international research institutions that have extensive experience in developing value added products from the fore st land base and undertake or participate in such activities;
  • to provide an outdoor education environment for resource management students;
  • to provide opportunities for resource management students to undertake or participate in applied research projects;
  • to provide an excellent forum for demonstration of resource management practices and concepts; and, provide ongoing fiscal support for the Forest Resource Technology (or equivalent) program at CNC.