Applied Research

Connecting researchers and community partners

Applied Research connects industry, business and community partners with the expertise and facilities at our College to conduct research and development, solve business challenges, and take advantage of market opportunities.

Applied research collaborations with partners in our community produce outcomes that drive innovation in our region and produce direct economic and social benefits to our communities. Research projects enhance the quality of college programs by providing students a learning opportunity that goes beyond the classroom.

We work with a wide range of business and community partners. Check out our ongoing applied research projects page for more information on the types of work that we do. If your business or organization would like to partner with the College, our staff available to discuss your project and how we can help.

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Our Success

  • 37 Projects Funded
  • 12 Current Projects
  • 26 Faculty/Staff Researchers
  • 26 Partners
  • 154 Students Involved
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