Applied Research

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The Applied Research Office provides access to a variety of research and development. We’re here to help you with:

  • Proof of principle projects and testing
  • Prototype process, production and development
  • Designing your project
  • Data and statistical analysis
  • Knowledge dissemination and technology transfer
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Business planning, market research and other commercialization services

Funding Opportunities

Securing funding to support your research project can be challenging. Applied Research is available to help take your ideas and develop them into a proposal for funding.

For Faculty / Staff

Faculty are integral part of applied research at CNC. Use your expertise, knowledge and experience to engage students, keep pace with industry developments by participating in an applied research project. Have a research project you want to do yourself?

For Students - Gain a competitive edge in the workplace

As a student it can be hard to find work experience to apply your program related knowledge. Participating in an applied research project as part of your course work or as a paid Student Research Assistant, can give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. You’ll gain real world hands-on experience while working side-by-side our faculty, research associates and industry partners.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the College of New Caledonia on an applied research project, please contact us at

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Our Success

  • 37 Projects Funded
  • 12 Current Projects
  • 26 Faculty/Staff Researchers
  • 26 Partners
  • 154 Students Involved
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